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  • Weekend Whipper: Redlining to the Max
    This one comes from Rosie Percival, who sent it in after being convinced by her friends. Rosie is going for the "short-person clipping jug," as she calls it, on Redlining to the Max, a 23 (5.11b/c) at Paynes Ford, New Zealand. Suffice it to say, she doesn't reach that jug. But neither she, nor her belayer, nor […]
  • Tomoa Narasaki Flashes “Decided” (V14), Mt. Mizugaki, Japan
    V14 first try. Not many climbers have done that. Tomoa Narasaki is the most recent after flashing Decided (V14), Mt. Mizugaki, Japan. Other climbers that have flashed the grade include Daniel Woods, Adam Ondra, Jimmy Webb, Ned Feehally and Jakob Schubert. Narasaki reported the news on Instagram earlier this week. He said that, after sussing the problem […]
  • Life and Limb
    This article appeared in Rock and Ice issue 260 (November 2019). It  was edited during the 2019 John Long Writing Symposium, supported by adidas. The author at her restaurant, Bird & Jim, which opened seven months after the accident. Photo: Zach Bunch. Happy to be back home in Estes Park, Colorado, from a three-month trip […]
  • Tower in the Clouds
    Also Watch   VIDEO: J.A.M - The Journey See the rest of the story at rockandice.com

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