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  • The Ghosts Above | Renan Ozturk [Full Film]
    In “The Ghosts Above,” photographer and filmmaker Renan Ozturk joins an expedition to solve the Mount Everest mystery of who reached the summit first.   Also Read   Winter 8000: The First Winter Ascent Of Everest See the rest of the story at
  • The Choss Pile: Lane Police
      Don’t fool yourself. They’re watching you. And no, I’m not talking about the helmet police... I’m talking about a far more insidious breed of enforcers… the lane police. They have their eyes on you 24/7, and if you so much as THINK about voicing an opinion on something other than a subject in which […]
  • Sean Bailey – Second ascent of “Pegasus” (V15)
    Sean Bailey has been on a tear recently. Here he is taking down Joes Valley's hardest, Pegasus, which was established by Drew Ruana earlier this year. Film by Ben Neilson   Also Read   Sean Bailey Sends Grand Illusion (V16) On A Bouldering Hot Streak See the rest of the story at
  • Hamish MacInnes, Who Revolutionized Scottish Winter Climbing, Dies At 90
    Hamish MacInnes. Photo: John Cleare. Hamish MacInnes did it all—free rock climbing on the summer cliffs of Glencoe, aid climbing on the towering aiguilles of Chamonix,  ice climbing in the rugged gullies of Ben Nevis—but he did it with the vision of a mountaineer. Scotland is like that: most of it is Big Country, especially […]

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