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  • Should Rock Climbing Be Banned on Sacred Land?
    Should rock climbing be banned on sacred land? Many First Nation people in Australia are calling for it on their local sites. But it could spell the end for many of Australia’s world-renowned climbing spots.   Also Read   GWRN and The Closure of Taipan Wall See the rest of the story at
  • K2 Climbed in Winter for the First Time!
      Inspired by Everest’s first winter summit in 1980, a 1983 Polish expedition went to K2 in the winter for reconnaissance. They found byzantine logistics, uncooperative government authorities, and costs that exceeded the most generous budgets. Now, 38 years later, K2 has been summited in the winter. Around 5:00 pm on Saturday, January 16, 2021, […]
  • Alan Arnette: Winter K2 Update | Summit Push in a Few Hours!
      The historic first winter summit of K2 may happen on Saturday, January 16, 2021, by an all Nepali team. K2 is the last of the 14 8,000-meter peaks that has not been summited in winter. The team's plan is to leave high camp around 1:00 am on Saturday morning and summit about 12 hours […]
  • Weekend Whipper: Blown Onsight of “Left Unconquerable” (E1 5b), Stanage Edge
    "This was my onsight attempt of Left Unconquerable," Tyler Coleman told Rock and Ice about this whipper. "I had my pro in and went for the crux. Unfortunately, it was the last climb of the day so I was already pumped and then I ended up taking the crux on completely wrong handed. My desperate […]

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