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  • Mark Powell, Warren Harding’s Partner on Early Attempts on the Nose, Dies at 91
    Mark Powell in April 2016 at his home in Los Angeles. Photo © Jim Herrington. Visit Several that were there have called Mark Powell the best free climber of the 1950s, in California anyway. He was also the original dirtbag climber, eschewing the comforts of job, home and wife and devoting himself full time […]
  • Weekend Whipper: Backflips on Backflips on Backflips
    These backflips are all the same guy: Gautier Supper. All of them except the last one are on a route called Babouin (8a/5.13b), at La Chambotte de Gauche, Savoie, in the French Alps. The last one is on an 8a+ (5.13c) at a crag called Abella de La Conca, Spain. Credits: Quentin Manzato and Gautier […]
  • The North Face Presents: Pitumarca, Peru
    Something is considered whole only when a collection of little things come together. Emily Harrington, Nina Williams, Matty Hong, and Jacopo Larcher travel to Pitumarca, Peru, to climb the inspiring walls of the Andes Mountains. This is a celebration of a place, a sport, a group of friends, and all of those little things.   […]
  • An Apology From the Publisher
    I am writing to apologize on several fronts, and to thank the readers who took the time to contact Rock and Ice and me personally. Your thoughtful feedback has led to profound reflection on my leadership of this magazine and my origins and actions as a climber. I approved the publication of last week’s op-ed, Between […]

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