$1,590 Louis Vuitton Chalk Bag: The Latest Must-Have Accessory for Your Sends

Summer is upon us. It’s the time of year to stretch the legs and romp to the local crag wearing, of course, your newest lulu tights and rose-colored Black Diamond harness. I always like to ask, does the send really count if you didn’t look good? Of course not. The outdoorsy girl is never ready for the day until hair is carefully braided and strappy sports bra is in position.  

Now, there’s a new accessory to add to the stylish, I love the mountains look: a Louis Vuitton chalk bag. Complete with the distinctive Louis Vuitton monogram, this soft leathery pouch is tasteful and classy. It will be the perfect way to up your style, while still saying “I like being in nature.”

The white bag features a silver carabiner-style hook that attaches to stylish, yet functional chains to achieve the perfect size. Located on the lower exterior of the bag is a retro Japenese logo to elevate the look. While you pose down on Project Wall in Rifle, you will not go unnoticed by climbers and picnickers alike.

Like all great things in life, this bag is a little on the pricier side, at $1,590. But don’t worry, that means that fewer climbers will be tempted to trade in their beat up Subaru for it. You really will feel special when your friend Becky, who was the first to get’s silver $219 Kong Chocks keychain, can’t afford the Louis Vuitton chalk bag. Dreams really do come true.

And there’s more. For an additional $3,000, purchase the Louis Vuitton Chalk Backpack, a backpack-sized version of the chalk bag.

This summer, get ready to look your best and send your hardest.

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