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  • Hazel Findlay in South Korea
     As South Korea continues to make waves in the global climbing community with young phenoms such as Chaehyun Seo routinely shattering barriers and winning world cups, BD Athletes Hazel Findlay and Colette McInerney wanted to explore Black Diamond’s Korean roots, and experience the now thriving climbing culture that has become part of our global heritage. […]
  • Chinese Surveyors Summit Everest To Remeasure Mountain’s Height
    On May 27 a group of Chinese surveyors summited Mount Everest in order to remeasure its height. Theirs will likely be the only ascents the mountain sees this year, along with those recorded by a private Chinese expedition the day after, May 28. The two teams were the only expeditions on the mountain. The ascent […]
  • Weekend Whipper: “It’s not over yet!” – Epic Slab Fall
    "The dialogue alone is worth it," wrote Adam Wood when he submitted this Weekend Whipper of a slab fall for the ages to Rock and Ice . The clip, filmed by Evan Ludmer, shows Tommy Dutra climbing EBGB's, a 5-bolt 5.10d in Joshua Tree National Park, California. This snippet from the description of the climb […]
  • Between the Lines: Stumbling Toward Progress
      For all of the reasons to despair in 2020, there is some basis to be positive if you compare where we are today to the mid 14th century when a plague wiped out 20 million Europeans in five years. Check back each Thursday for a fresh installment of Andrew Bisharat's column, "Between The Lines." For […]

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