First Look: Beyond K3 – Prima Lochi Jacket (Reversible)

MSRP: $185.00

Versatile. That’s the word that comes to mind for the Beyond Clothing K-3 Prima Lochi Reversible Jacket, which has quickly become one of my go-tos.

I hate being cold. I’ll wear a jacket in the middle of summer, just to keep the breeze off. And in the winter, the half mile drive to the office necessitates at least four layers. My preference for what can only be described as self-lamination calls for a certain multiplicity from my jackets—they need to work by themselves, with other layers, and, most importantly, I need to be able to move in them. As much as I love being bundled up, I hate feeling restricted. 

The K3-Prima Lochi Jacket has proven to be an excellent mid-weight jacket—perfect by itself for hiking and belaying on cool spring and fall days, or, when paired with layers, colder winter mornings. The jacket’s warmth-factor stems from just 60 grams of Polartec Alpha Insulation, which has worked well in temps ranging from 20 to 60 degrees, depending on sun and what you wear underneath. It wicks well and is excellent at transferring heat. It’ll keep you warm, but not hot. Cozy factor is high, restriction is low.

The 70-denier quilted micro ripstop exterior is soft and water repellent. After short treks in light rain, I was always left dry. The outer, checkerboard stitching is flattering, yet durable. It has a smooth, soft texture that has proven snag and tear resistant. After wearing this jacket for more than a 100 days, it still shows no signs of wear. 

The jacket is long, providing a little extra warmth for your lower-half. There are thin strips of elastic at the bottom hem and around the cuffs and hood, which aren’t restrictive, but keep heat in. Four pockets at the waist provide adequate room for gloves, snacks and a phone. A Napoleon pocket, which is either interior or exterior the jacket depending on which side you’re wearing it, is also roomy enough for a hat or more snacks. The hood is just large enough for a helmet. 

Beyond Clothing was founded a little over 20 years ago. Located in Seattle, the company has since been outfitting military professionals and expeditions with USA-made gear. With maximum utility in mind, Beyond has a layers system, consisting of eight different layers for all outdoor occasions. The K3-Prima Lochi is accurately classified as layer three, or “Active Insulation.” As such, it is an excellent offering for the cold weather climbers.

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