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Five Home Workouts From Five Female Pros

Everything from the NBA season to the Olympics have been postponed due to coronavirus, but your summer bod doesn’t have to be. Here’s a core workout from top Swiss athlete Petra Klinlger, who was among the fist crop of athletes to qualify for Tokyo 2020.

For balance and tension strength, pro climber Nina Williams has you covered. “Do them slow,” she says.

Here’a full body workout from pro climber Sierra Blair-Coyle. All you need is a bit of floor space.

This is another full body workout, from Canadian comp climber Becca Frangos. Frangos recently placed fifth at the 2020 Pan-American Championships. Her workout uses some equipment, like a bar, bands and weights, however the weights could be omitted.

Pro climber Alex Puccio offers a hangboarding routine. Puccio is an 11-time National Bouldering Champion and has won two Bouldering World Cups.

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