Five Tips To Climb Through the Flu


Familiar feelings of aches and pains start to burrow their way deep into your back. You tell yourself you’re just sore from the day before, that your nose has started running because of allergies. A cough? Just something in your throat. Nothing to worry about. You deny and deny until you can deny no more. Yes, you caught the bug, again. 

But this year will be different. This year, you will not stay at home swaddled in fleece and trying to drain your skull. Instead, you will keep up your training and stay on top of your hard-earned calluses. 

For all the hard-spirited, snot nosed climbers that would rather die than miss a session, here are five tips to keep you climbing through the coughs and sneezes.


  1. Stock up on Dayquil, cough drops and caffeine. Your immune system is busy fighting away, causing your back to ache and your body to feel fatigued. Your usual dose of “Vitamin I” just isn’t going to cut it for getting through those four by fours. When taken together, Dayquill, cough drops and caffeine will give you the edge you need to make it from bed, to work to the gym and back.
  2. Go to the gym during peak hours. Don’t be afraid to really mingle in the crowd. More people means a bigger pool of “psych” to draw from, meaning you’ll be more motivated to keep moving. It may be especially helpful to go during the youth practice hours, because having kiddos running around will force you to stay vigilant.
  3. Be sure to touch every single hold in the gym. You may feel off your game, but now’s the time to work on technique and practice grabbing holds you’d normally stay away from. Remember that the best climbers are the most versatile.
  4. Beta spray. While most climbers might find this offensive, spaying beta while you’re sick will actually help you stay focused on the session at hand. Otherwise, you may find your delirious mind will be distracted with thoughts of being at home in bed.
  5. Go Hard. Don’t hold back. The more you exhale and sweat on the holds, the more sickness will be expelled from your body. You’ll be feeling good as new in no time!



Editor’s Note: Please do none of these things. Stay home, get some rest and keep your germs to yourself. Your proj can wait. 



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