Friday Feats

Friday Feat: 11-Hold Boulder, One Continuous Movement 

“When I saw it, I immediately thought about climbing the boulder in basically one movement,” wrote Tjark Maaß to Gym Climber. At the end of 2019, Maaß, from Germany, qualified for the National Youth team, although he was unable to attend any competitions due to the pandemic. He’s hoping to qualify to compete in the 2021 circuit once the action resumes. 

“If it will be possible in the season 2021, I would like to qualify for the Youth World Championships and get a good result there,” he wrote. 

Maaß has been training at Oldenbloc Bouldern, in Oldenburg. “The setters here always like to try out crazy moves,” he wrote. “After a few tweaks to the boulder, and even more tries, it actually worked out quite well. Physically, it turned out to be not that hard, but you have to do quite some moves without stopping.” 

He offered this advice, to those hoping to master such a boulder: “I was surprised because at first sight, I didn’t  really know if it was possible. And I think that is the best way to train coordination—just trying things without really knowing if you are capable of doing them will make you improve in all aspects of climbing. Even if you fail, you will learn way more than if you repeat what you already can do.” 

Happy Friday!

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