Friday Feats

Friday Feat: A Boulder that Goes With the Flow

“If someone wants to learn how to jump, they have to try 100 times in order to learn,” wrote Roxana Wienand to Gym Climber. We think it’s safe to say she’s practiced jumping at least 100 times.

As a kid, Wienand danced ballet. When she was 12, her teacher persuaded her to join the school climbing team. Soon thereafter, ballet was a thing of the past. She started competing by age 15 and she participated in her first World Cups last year. This year, at 20, she won the German Lead Championships.

“Someday I would love to compete at the Olympic Games, but I guess I have to wait a few years,” she wrote. “Till then, I would like to continue competing in the World Cups and maybe make the semifinals one day.”

To compliment her climbing, Wienand also does gymnastics. And when she’s not training, she studies mathematics and sports for teaching Darmstadt, Germany.

Happy Friday!

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