Friday Feats

Friday Feat: A Move You’ve Never Seen

Originally from Kitchener, Ontario, Tim Frisse got into climbing after an injury forced him to retire from competitive gymnastics in 2016. It was his background on bars, and his focus on having fun, that inspired this unconventional beta.

“I wanted to see if there was some crazy way to get on top of the hold instead of sending the huge step-up dyno,” says Frisse. “I don’t imagine this beta being very useful for most climbs, but there might be some crazy climb out there, or you just wanna have some fun with it. If you want to try this beta, learn how to do a chin-up pullover on a bar first. That’s what the idea was based on.”

At just 16 years old, Frisse says he just wants to finish high school and have the best time possible doing so. His proudest accomplishments include qualifying for Canada’s Bouldering Nationals in his first year—the comp, he says, didn’t go well, but it was a great experience, placing fifth at Psicobloc Montreal in 2018 and finishing 16th at Lead nationals in 2018.

Happy Friday everyone!

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