Friday Feats

Friday Feat: Bike Bouldering (for those that can’t choose between biking and climbing)

Highest 360-drop onto a target; highest side-hop onto a ledge; furthest bar-to-bar jump. Those are just some of the Guinness Word Records Andrei Burton holds. 

Burton, from Devon, England, is one of the world’s top mountain bikers. At 34 years old, he’s been honing his craft for more than 20 years. Now a three-time United Kingdom Elite Champion, Burton holds eight world records for various bike stunts. 

Several years ago, Burton injured his back. Rather than doing hours of “boring physio,” he says, he started climbing at a local gym. He’s been hooked ever since. Burton adds: 

“For me, climbing is so similar to [mountain biking] trials in the mind set, you just want to complete the hardest possible line you can, and enjoy the process.”

In addition to biking and climbing, Burton is a two-time Ninja Warrior finalist. He currently works as a professional course tester for Ninja Warrior. He says doing different sports helps him to maintain his motivation in biking. 

Looking forward, Burton has his eyes on more competitions and a few more records to break, but his plans have been pushed back due to the pandemic.

For those looking to push their own limits, in climbing, biking or both, Burton offers this piece of advice: 

“Train lots and enjoy it. If you enjoy it you will improve faster and it will be something you always enjoy.”

Happy Friday y’all!

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