Friday Feats

Friday Feat: Dynos On Top of Dynos

Cloe Coscoy, 18, hails from El Cerrito, California. After discovering climbing at age12, she joined the climbing team at her local gym, Bridges Rock Gym. Coscoy loves being outside, but her favorite type of climbing is indoor bouldering. “I absolutely love doing dynos and tricky coordination moves,” she wrote Gym Climber.

To others looking to improve their dyno game, Coscoy offered this advice: “Before I go for a dyno, I like to tell myself to give it 100%, or not even get on the wall. Dynos are all about commitment and confidence, if you can’t get psyched to go for a jump while on the pads, it will be really difficult to execute on the wall.”

Coscoy made the 2020 U.S. National Bouldering Team, but did not get to participate in any World Cups due to the pandemic. Her goal is to qualify for the team next year and to compete internationally, assuming it is safe to do so.  

Coscoy stays motivated by focusing on her training process and schedule. “I know that one of the most important things for achieving my goals is staying consistent,” she wrote. “That means that I have to push through my training sessions, even when I am less motivated, and trust the process.”

Happy Friday!

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