Friday Feats

Friday Feat: Epic Coordination Boulder With Downward Dyno

Fun fact: The IFSC rulebook, section 8.2-A, reads that World Cup boulders “shall be designed to limit the risk that a fall may injure the competitor or any third party, or obstruct any other competitor” and “without any downward jumps.” So this boulder, set by Tommy George and Nicolas Conraud, would be illegal for IFSC World Cups due to increased risk of injury during the downward dyno.

But, hey, it sure does look cool.

The video was sent in by George, who started climbing with his brother 15 years ago. George was on the French Lead team two years ago, although has since retired from the competition scene. He and his brother, Titouan, have developed a French climbing media outlet, known as Blokcorp, for which this video was made. Blokcorp features climbing news and content on Instagram.

To our readers looking to try downward dynos in their own gyms, be careful and know your limits! Happy Friday!

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