Friday Feats

Friday Feat: Favia Dubyk, cancer survivor, sending in a wedding dress

Favia Dubyk might be one of the fittest, most determined climbers you’ve never heard of. After a battle with the big C, Dubyk has used training to regain confidence and strength. Her proudest send to date is Chung-Li, V11, at the Temple outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Still, she has big goals of putting down something harder.

In her wedding dress, Dubyk laps, Baby Martini in Hueco Tanks (V6). “This is my favorite warm-up,”  she told Gym Climber.

When Dubyk isn’t climbing or training, she’s a physician at the University of New Mexico. She also recently celebrated her sixth anniversary with her husband, Brian, and is mother to one dog and five cats.  

Stay tuned for Dubyk’s full story, coming out in the fifth edition of Gym Climber in March.

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