Friday Feats

Friday Feat: Make Training Fun!

Yep, we get it. Sometimes the couch is more tempting than the gym. But training can be fun—you just might have to get a little creative. For example, to get rock-hard abs, the kind that can cut paper, try playing Rock, Paper, Scissors (see what I did there?) with a partner while doing crunches.

In Beck Ho’s and Youngsook Missuk’s game, abs aren’t the focus. Instead, the two test their finger strengths, and with pull-ups on the line, the game gets serious.

“We generally don’t like to do this kind of training (pull ups, campus boarding..)” says Beck. “So she [Youngsook] wanted to do something fun and she asked me to play this game. I found out that I suck at this game though.” And he did, indeed, suck. Beck lost five out of five rounds, but he’s now a stronger climber for it.

There are other games that the less-training-enthused climbers might try. Such as on-the-wall Twister, or traverse tag (if your space allows) or even a real life version of Chutes and Ladders (if you can have a friend move the pieces and tell you how much to up or down climb). Find your inner-child, get creative and keep training!

Happy Friday everyone! Check out Beck’s YouTube channel here.

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