Friday Feats

Friday Feat: One of The Coolest Parkour-Style Boulders We’ve Ever Seen

“A method of the future,” wrote Quentin Brière de l’Isle on Instagram of doing this boulder.

Brière de l’Isle, from Massy, France, grew up climbing, although didn’t start training until three years ago. He’s since climbed up to 8a (V11) and 8a+ (5.13c). 

“For this type of bouldering in coordination (which I particularly like), I think that you should not doubt yourself,” he wrote to Gym Climber. “Go thoroughly and as you try, your body understands the movements and it goes easy!” Brière de l’Isle took about 10 attempts to complete the boulder without the 360 beta, and about eight more with. 

Happy Friday!

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