Friday Feats

Friday Feat: The Coolest Way To Dismount The Wall (Not Recommended)

“Learning a movement like a backflip is helpful for climbing because it builds core strength, coordination, and mental strength to commit and take risks,” wrote Nik Vukovich to Gym Climber. He added: ”Learning something like a backflip also demonstrates that climbing is not everything, and you also don’t need to take it so seriously at times.” Well said, Vukovich.

From Dever, Colorado, Vukovich has been climbing for 18 years. His proudest ascents include Cage Free (V10/V11), in Boulder Canyon, Rainbow Rocket (V11), in Fontainebleau, France, and Black Velvet (V11) in Rocklands, South Africa. His long term goal is to still be cranking on V7’s at 70. When he’s not climbing or doing backflips, Vukovich works for a digital lending platform, syndicating consumer credit assets to banks and credit unions.

If you’re attempting to learn a backflip, we recommend trying in on the ground, first. Be safe, and happy Friday!

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