Friday Feats

Friday Feat: The Figure-Four Ladder

“Better than climbing corporate ladders,” posted Boulder, Colorado’s The Ice Coop, with this vid featuring Wes Fowler practicing his figure-fours, in preparation for the cold weather.

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Fowler got his start in climbing in high school. Despite growing up in flat, humid Florida, Fowler learned the basics of climbing via gym trips and long, desperate drives to nearby crags (located nine hours away). Undeterred, Fowler eventually moved to Boulder, Colorado in 2013, where he honed his climbing skills, particularly for cold weather outings. Fowler has since been a US Ice Climbing World Cup Team member since 2016. He placed third in the 2017 North American Ice Climbing Championships and he’s dry-tooled one of North America’s hardest lines: Saphira (M15-). Fowler is also an AMGA Certified Rock Guide for Colorado Mountain School. 

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