Friday Feats

Friday Feat: The Tallest Campus Board in Russia

Egor Kryachkov, 25, on the tallest campus board in Russia. 18 pops up, 18 pops down.

Kryachkov, from Moscow, started climbing when he was 13. He’s since won Bouldering Nationals and has competed on the international circuit, placing thirty-third in the 2019 Bouldering World Championships, in Hachioji, Japan. Kryachkov was formerly the head setter of Bigwallsport Climbing Gym, in Moscow, but has recently taken a step back to coach. Kryachkov is currently training to try a 9a (5.14d), possibly Action Directe, he wrote, and to do an 8b (V13) in one session.

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The board is approximately seven meters (23 feet) tall, according to Kryachkov. “It wasn’t harder than 7b (V8),” he wrote to Gym Climber.

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