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The Dharma is a downturned, asymmetric, performance-oriented shoe designed for steep and technical bouldering or sport climbing. Made with Boreal ZENITH PRO rubber and available in a men’s and women’s version.


Dry spray

$5.25 – $17.75

Not a gimmick, this stuff works. Greasing off that sloper? Are your sweaty tips holding you back? Give your mitts a spray before you go to sleep once or twice a week and you’ll notice the difference. This is one of the few drying agents that actually dries out your skin.

Clif Bar

Chocolate Chip


Clif Bars are convenient treats that will tide you over until your next meal. They’re great for long days at the crag or as after-school pre-practice snacks. The bar is available in 23 different sweet or salty flavors—our favorite is the classic chocolate chip.

Chalk Cartel

The Quarter


Soft, powdery, chunky and completely free of drying agents and fillers—Chalk Cartel is nothing but pure, high grade MgCo3, which means it will last longer and help you send harder. Not only that, it comes in a sustainable, 100-percent recycled paper bag.


Ozone QC


Made in the Czech Republic—the land of Adam Ondra—the Ozone QC is a mildly downturned sending shoe. Not too soft, not too stiff, the two-strap Velcro system ensures a snug fit and the tensioned rand keeps your heel in place. Ideal for vert to steep bouldering and lead climbing. The Ozone QC has a pointy toe, more so than the norm, perfect for pockets.

Gnarly Nutrition

Gnarly Vegan


Gnarly’s vegan protein is smooth, tasty and easily digested. Each serving has 20 grams of protein from peas, cranberries and chia seeds. With seven grams of fat and nine grams of fiber, Gnarly’s vegan protein will keep you fueled and focused.

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