Gym Climber Dress to Impress Challenge

Bored? Want free gear?

Let us introduce Gym Climber’s Dress for Success Challenge. Similar to the viral handstand challenge, you have to get dressed while hanging from a board. Or whatever. That’s it.

The winners of each category will win gear, lots of the good stuff from top brands. Prizes include a Metolius Simulator 3D Hangboard, a Maxim rope, Mammut gym ropes, a Rhino Skin Solutions chalk bucket, and chalk from FrictionLabs, 8BPLUS, and Chalk Cartel.

Here are the rules:

There are two categories: style and speed. 

Rules for SPEED category: No nudity. Shorts to pants or pants to pants ok. No shorts to shorts. Gotta put on a tee shirt, at minimum. Face mask of some sort required. All that matters is the clock. Top two winners will be given ropes, among other things.

Rules for STYLE category: speed is irrelevant. Outfit, overall demeanor, etc., factor in here. Impress us by doing it while locking off. Put on a clown costume. The top contestant will receive the hangboard, a rope, along with chalk and stuff.

How to enter:

1) Record your awesomeness.

2) Follow Rock and Ice and Gym Climber on Insta. 

3) Post with #hangdress, @gymclimber and @rockandicemag. Also please add any #s for climbing causes that you prefer. We will be sure to repost with those #s as well. 

Winning vids, and bloopers, will be posted on our channels. We will DM the winners, feature them on Gym Climber’s Friday Feat series as well as other places. This is the 15 minutes of fame you have all been looking for people.

Best of luck. You have a week. Post your vid by April 28th.


The GC and R&I editors

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