Gym Climber is Getting an Upgrade

In 2007, according to one market and consumer data report, the estimated revenue of periodical publishers in the U.S. was 46 billion. And by 2019? Make that just over 26 billion.

We put out our first issue of Gym Climber in the tail end of that timeframe—in the fall of 2018. A crazy move? Perhaps. But we saw a need to fill a gap in the industry: To provide a space that amplifies that of the common climber, to be a resource, to share the stories that unite and inspire us. 

Kurt Andersen, a former editor of New York Magazine, described the state of print media to the New York Times, saying that the industry is in “more of a dusk, a slow dusk, and we’re closer to sunset.”

We launched in that so-called dusk. And then we survived the pandemic. We did it all, because of loyal readers and community members such as yourself. 

We hope to continue providing the best gym-centric content. To promote diversity, inclusivity and equality within our community. To inform readers on sustainability and best practices. To fuel the stoke.

And to do that, we’re proud to announce that we’ll be getting a new website. Soon! Mark your calendars for April 27. We’ll have a brand new look, same great content. In the meantime, we are workin hard on our special Olympic Edition, which is rad.

So, we won’t be posting new content to our site over the next two weeks. This is us reassuring you, we are alive and well. Follow us on social media for all the normal news updates and some links to our favorite stories. 

And thanks for sticking with us. Thanks for making our ascent possible. 

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