IFSC Celebrates International Women’s Day With “Women of The Wall” Virtual Roundtable Event

International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) Secretary General Debra Gawrych will lead a virtual roundtable event with a selection of female representatives currently occupying prominent positions in the Sport Climbing world.

The roundtable, which will be live streamed on March 12, will address the challenges against prejudices and stereotypes, and the path to greater gender equality at all levels. The discussion will also focus on the evolution and progression of women in a sport that has historically been led by male figures. 

Since the IFSC was founded, it has worked hard to ensure gender equality. One example relates to competition prize money, which has always been equally distributed between men and women. The athlete representation on the IFSC Executive Board is also gender balanced, with Shauna Coxsey and Sean McColl as the current members.   

Along with Ms Gawrych, participants will include 11-time World Cup gold medalist Shauna Coxsey, founder of the Women’s Climbing Symposium; Lena Drapella, IFSC Photographer; Tamaris Higham, IFSC Communications Officer; Takako Hoshi, coach of the Japanese Mountaineering and Sport Climbing Association; Dr Constance Lightner, member of the USA Climbing Board of Directors; Tazu Mori, Director of Sport Business Division at Synca Creations Inc., and Katja Vidmar, IFSC Chief Routesetter.

“I am truly honoured to launch this initiative,” said Ms Gawrych when speaking about the event. “Nowadays, the celebration of women reaches far beyond International Women’s Day. For the IFSC to host this event, it is a great sign of the recognition given to the work of women throughout the climbing community. For me personally it has a deep, symbolic meaning to be asked to take the lead on this. The platform that we will host the event on will give viewers an opportunity to participate in the roundtable by asking questions and making comments, and I warmly invite followers to do so.”

“Women of the wall: an IFSC roundtable” will be streamed live on Facebook and YouTube on Friday 12 March at 3:00 PM (UTC+1:00).

Feature image: Credo KASEMIIRE of Uganda competes in the women’s Combined finals at the City Rock Climbing Gym during the 2020 IFSC African Championships in Cape Town (RSA).© 2020 City Rock/IFSC

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