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YESSS ! I won the third title of the national championship (BJC, SJC, CJC)!! So HAPPY to be able to give it all!!✨🏆🥇🥇🥇😆 ————————— Only two days but it was tiring and hard for me to stay focused on all three disciplines for a long time during the competition. I have missed a lot of Bouldering World Cup this season due to injuries and I’m still not fully back but my mind was ready to fight hard!👊🏼🔥😈🔥the final result is that i got 7pts (Speed: 1 × Boulder: 1 × Lead: 7) ————————— 第2回コンバインドジャパンカップ、優勝することができました!!暑い中での試合、三種目という長い競技時間の中で集中力を切らさずに最後まで戦うのは大変でしたが、今回はしっかりと自分のペースでやり切れたと思います!世界選手権では自分の100%が出せるよう、また次に向けて頑張ります!応援ありがとうございました!!!!

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What a day 😱🎉🎉 First place 🥇 here in Munich in front of an amazing crowd! My 3rd bouldering Worldcup victory, with the last one back in 2013. @adam.ondra climbed fantastically in Finals flashing the first three boulders but he failed to reach the zone on B4 and I took my chance to ‚steal‘ his win. My buddy @janhojer completed the podium 🙌💪🏿 Congrats as well to @janja_garnbret who won her 5th!!! consecutive Bouldering Worldcup this season 😱👏🏼 • Photo by @wilhelmheiko from the top that I had to work very hard for. A (for me) hard slab with a big one arm jump finisher 2nd Photo: celebrating the top of B4 • #ifscwc #bouldering #victory #whataday #iwillneverforget #climbing #climber #myinnsbruck @mammut_swiss1862 @raiffeisen @heeressportzentrum @lasportivagram @innsbrucktourism @gloryfy @thecrag_worldwide

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I write this post with tears in my eyes and a smile in my heart. I have fulfilled a dream. I am a world cup gold medalist. Who would have believed that myself, the small non talented kid, will ever achieve something like this. I was never the strongest, none the most talented or technical, but I have never gave up. So many people have doubted me, thinking why am I keep doing these, when I have no real chance. Sometimes, even I was asking the same. But I did not give up. I did not give up when I was losing in local comps for years. I did not give up when I was getting almost last at youth comps. and I did not give up when I was not getting in to semi finals at world cups for entire seasons. I took all of my failures, and I have learned. I have turned them in to motivation and I have trained. oh God, I have trained so much. And just like this, step by step, I have progress. Slowly. But it was my own way. This victory represent something special. It represents all of those people that being doubted, all of those athlete with little chance and a lot of hope. It represents the hope of small countries, with poor support and lack of big training facility's. @gregorvezonik my hero, it was so special to share the podium with you. From the youth days till today. We have Walked a long way. You are an inspiration 🙏@kruderjernej, it so amazing to see 10 years of world cups finally paying off. Thanks for showing me the importance of dedication. For the people that actually rad all the way till here. Never give up. Never listen to what others think of you. And keep dreaming, because believe me, dreams can come true. . Finally, i want to thank all the people who supported me from the beginning. My parents, My brother @leonkhazanov, my former coach and my phycologist shimon, @alexey_rubtsov for being a role model of what an athlete should be like. @yiftachkushnir and all of my friends. Thank you 🙏 happiness is only real when shared.

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[Vail BWC 🇺🇸⭐️🥉⭐️] World number 3 in bouldering it’s me ?! 😱🔥🤩 That’s just sound crazy !🤪 I still always arrive on every world cup thinking that the level is so freaking high that I’ll need a miracle to reach a podium but stage after an other 🥉🥈🥉😭 I have so much respect for all these girls I have been competing with all along the year @janja_garnbret @noguchi_akiyo @nonaka_miho @shaunacoxsey @jessy_pilz @katjakadic and many others … One of my biggest dream was to be one of the very best climber on earth 🤩, looking at this pic it seems like it came true ❤️😭 ———————————————————— Numéro 3 mondiale c’est moi ?! 😱🔥🤩 C’est de la folie furieuse 🤪 je suis arrivée sur chacune des étapes de la coupe du monde en me disant que le niveau était juste plus élevé que jamais et qu’il faudrait un miracle pour atteindre un podium et pourtant étape après étape … 🥉🥈🥉😭 j’ai tellement de respect pour ces filles qui m’ont fait halluciner sur le circuit tout au long de l’année @janja_garnbret @noguchi_akiyo @nonaka_miho @shaunacoxsey @jessy_pilz @katjakadic et beaucoup d’autres … faire parti des meilleures grimpeuses de la planète était un de mes rêves les plus fous ! Si j’en crois ces photos il est devenu réalité ❤️😭 ———————————————————— Numero 3 del mundo soy yo ?! 😱🔥🤩 Es una locura pura 🙃 he llegado en cada prueba de la copa del mundo pensando que el nivel nunca habia sido tan alto y que necesitaba un milagro para subir al podium, en serio. Pero etapa a etapa 🥉🥈🥉😭 Tengo tanto respeto para las chicas inhumanas con quien he competido a lo largo del año @janja_garnbret @noguchi_akiyo @nonaka_miho @shaunacoxsey @jessy_pilz @katjakadic y muchas otras … unos de mis sueños mas grande era hacer parte de las mejores escaladoras del planeta. Mirando esta foto parece que lo he cumplido ❤️😭 ———————————————————— 📸 @piotrdrozdzphoto @kaartikgphoto @ffmontagne_escalade @verticalartclimbing @scarpafrance @blackdiamond @vibram

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MY FIRST EVER WORLD CUP WIN🥇 I topped all 13 boulders of this competition, the last Boulder World Cup of this season! ・ I started to compete in world cups when I was 16 years old and it means I’m already competing for 6 years. I have listened to the Japanese national anthem many times in the ceremony because of win by other strong teammates. I was happy for Japanese win every time and at the same time I was always dreaming when can I do that by myself. Last weekend, finally my time has come. I think only one gold medal is not a huge victory for Japanese team but world cup win is the best victory ever for me at least. I’m sooooo happy and this day will be unforgettable😌 ・ I really really really appreciate to all of the person who support me, cheer for me and believe me🙏 ・ Big congratulations to @tomoa_narasaki oa_narasaki @janja_garnbret for taking overall title!! ・ ついにワールドカップで初優勝することができました🥇 さらに、今大会では予選から全課題を完登することができました! ・ 僕は16歳の頃からワールドカップに出場し始め、すでに今年で6年目になります。 出始めの頃から周りの日本人選手の活躍は本当に甚だしく、何度も表彰式で日本の国家を聞いてきました。日本人の活躍を喜ぶと同時に、「いつか自分が表彰台で真ん中に立って君が代を流す」と、いつも夢見てきました。 そして今回、ついに達成することが出来ました。 一つの金メダルが強豪国と言われる日本にとってどれだけ価値のあるものなのかはわかりませんが、僕にとっては大きな価値のある栄光です。 めちゃくちゃ嬉しい。あの瞬間は死ぬまで忘れません。 ・ 思うように成績がついてこない時期でも、僕のことを信じつづけ、支えてくださった方々には心から感謝しています。本当にありがとうございます。 ・ 📸 by @gajdaphotography @adidasterrex @fiveten_official @frictionlabs @organicclimbing @wataaah_climbing #climbing #bouldering #ifsc #vail #usa

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I’ve been waiting, hoping, and training as hard as I can for a day like yesterday. Doing well at an Adult National Championship has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember; I can’t even begin to explain how amazing it felt to finally be able to climb my best in the final round. And to top that off, I got to do it alongside some of my best friends in the country ❤️ I’m still in shock, but proud to say I’m the USA Combined National Champion 😭😁😊 Also, huge congrats to @zachgalla for taking the gold for the men!! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Photo by @jonvickersclimbs of me sticking the crux rose move on our final sport route🌹 📸 @mountainhardwear @lasportivana @asanaclimbing @dmm_wales ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ (Winning this competition secures one of the 4 spots on the combined national team for all the World Cups this year, so that’s a huge weight off my shoulders!!)

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Yesterday was crazy night I enjoyed a lot @adidasrockstars 2018 Final I think I did well last night isn’t it?! 😄Only me did it all top final round also I did all top semi and qualification round !!and I’m sooo happy made super final with my brother @kruderjernej We promise before competition see you in front of super final boulders and we made it!! Always so excite compete my sponsor @adidasterrex event @adidasrockstars already I can’t wait to 2019 adidas rockstars!! THANK YOU ALL YOUR SUPPORT 🙏 Congratulations @kruderjernej my brother from another mother 아디다스 락스타 대회 부저를 늦게 치며 2위로 마무리하였지만 좋은 경기력 보여드린거같아서 기쁩니다 좀더 노력해서 더 멋진 모습 보여드리겠습니다 항상 응원 감사합니다 📸 @toksuede @adidasrockstars 🙏 @adidasterrex @lasportivagram @frictionlabs @climbskinspain @you1clinic #adidasrockstars #adidasrockstars18 #climbing #bouldering

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6/6 🥇🤭🤯😱🥳 Feels like I’m going to wake up any moment from a dream and realize it’s not real…but it is. If at the beginning of the season you would say that I could win every single Boulder World Cup I would just laugh and say that’s impossible but here I was standing in front of the last final boulder with possibility to win every World Cup. I knew exactly what I had to do. *Deep breath. You got this*. Without thinking I went into the boulder. I stuck the dyno and found myself on the top. Whaaat? Billion thoughts crossed my mind. I thought about all the people who helped me get here. My family, my boyfriend @domen_skofic ❤️, my friends … they know who they are. Thank you a million times!!! ❤️ There is just no better way to win your first ever Overall Boulder World Cup title. It’s gonna take a looooooooong time for this to sink in…🤩🤩🤩 . 📸: ? @redbull @redbullsi #givesyouwings @fiveten_official #brandofthebrave @camp1889 #campcassin #zavarovalnicatriglav @postanivojak @avtohisaklemencic #fordkaplus @sloveniaclimbing

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  • Delaney Miller is a three time U.S. Champion in the open Sports Climbing Series. In total, Miller has won 12 Championship titles between youth and adult, National and Pan-American competitions. She has three years of coaching experience and a degree in Health and Exercise Science from Colorado State University.

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