Friday Feat: One-Finger One-Arm on Beastmaker 2000


“My finger was about to fall off,” wrote Shinichiro Nomura on Instagram.

Nomura, from Ibaraki, Japan, is a 23-year-old professional climber. He’s been tugging on plastic for the past 15 years, and he has competed in several Lead World Cups—-his best placement being 15th in 2017 in Edinburgh. 

In December, 2017, Nomura switched his focus to outdoor bouldering. He’s since sent six V15s, including Dai Koyamada’s Hydrangea in Shiobara, Japan, and Byaku-dou, in Mt. Hourai, Japan.

Nomura’s eyes are set on United (V16), in Mt. Mizugaki, Japan. For now, Japan is currently in a rainy season. He hopes to keep his finger strength up until the weather gets better. 

Happy Friday!



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