PrAna Super Mojo Pant

MSRP: $79.00

BEST FOR:  All-around climbing or bouldering 

prAna’s Super Mojo pant is the (literal and figurative) extension of the best climbing shorts ever made, the uber-classic Mojo shorts, which now come in a super-stretchy Super Mojo. I have been climbing in the Mojo shorts for ten years and they are my definitive go-to garment for climbing. The Super Mojo pants have all the right stuff, and, in my humble opinion, even improve on the shorts slightly, mainly courtesy of a back zipper pocket.

The old adage of “don’t fix it if it ain’t broke,” is operative here, and prAna has heeded such wisdom. What makes the pants a good buy is the same thing that makes the shorts excellent—comfort, simplicity, toughness, performance. The thick elastic waistband fits snugly, and under a harness doesn’t bunch or get annoying. The waist doesn’t lose its elasticity over repeated washings, though I never put my techy fabric items in the dryer, and neither should anyone. From the shorts, the pants inherited large front pockets, deep enough to hide an IPA, and a slightly shallower back pocket with a zipper, deep enough for a smartphone. The material on the Super Mojos—“recycled polyester,” “lightweight,” “4-way stretch”—is as advertised. The fabric stretches, dries quick, and can withstand tons of ass-scraping descents on granite boulders. Stretch and agility is simply not your problem here, as your range of movement is virtually unhindered, and it is this fact that has attributed to Mojo line’s success.

When compared to the fit and feel of comparable tech-pants, the Super Mojo pants are more airy than others…a “loose fit” that is not the norm. Almost a billowy, semi-parachute vibe, breathable and yet silky. Most tech pants are tight to my quads and taper down, but not these. The Mojo pants are more on the leisure side of things—think sport climbing and bouldering or bar hopping as opposed to a spring skin up your local resort. My only recommendation to prAna would be a small button or something to keep the pants rolled up at the bottom, as most climbers need to have that part unencumbered.

The pants retail at $79, size from XS to XXL, come in gray and black, and are only offered in their men’s line. This item gets four stars from me.

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