Semi-Annual Sale: Rock Climbing Starter Kit, Up to 30% Off!

 Rock and Approach Shoes

Black Diamond Momentum Climbing Shoe, 25% Off—$71.21

“Comfortable climbing shoe for beginners”—BC

Evolv Cruzer Psyche Approach Shoe – Women’s, 20% Off—$63.16

“Evolv’s classic approach shoe refashioned in a new style”—BC

Mad Rock Flash Climbing Shoe, 25% Off—$66.71

“Mad Rock’s best-selling climbing shoe for beginners and intermediate”—BC

La Sportiva Tarantulace Climbing Shoe, 20% Off—$64.00

“Synthetic leather lacing overlay adds support for beginner to mid-level climbers”—BC

Scarpa Origin Climbing Shoe – Women’s, 15% Off—$81.71

“Scarpa’s starter shoe for people who have never climbed before”—BC


Petzl Grigri Belay Device, 25% Off—$82.46

“The new standard in assisted braking belay devices for climbing”—BC

CAMP USA Energy Harness Pack, 30% 0ff—$62.96

“Climbing package includes harness, belay device, and chalk bag”—BC

Black Diamond Momentum DS Package, 20% Off—$91.96

“Package with harness, belay device, locking carabiner, and chalk bag”—BC

Evolv Magic Tape, 20% 0ff—$6.40

“Self-sealing yet non-sticky”—BC

Petzl Macchu Harness – Kids’, 25% 0ff—$37.46

“Children’s climbing harness made just like the adult Macchu”—BC

Petzl Bandi Chalk Bag, 25% Off—$14.96

“Petzl’s Bandi Chalk Bag is a sport climber’s dream, with quick-and-easy convenience and a secure toothbrush holder for the nasty holds that give you the slip.”—BC

Petzl Spirit Express Quickdraw, 25% Off—$17.96

“The spirit of climbing is strong with this quickdraw”—BC

Black Diamond White Gold Uncut Pure Chalk, 25% Off—$4.12

“Black Diamond’s pure, uncut chalk for rock climbing”—BC

Petzl Power Ball Chalk, 25% Off—$3.71

“Non-airborne chalk”—BC

Petzl Mambo Rope – 10.1mm, 25% Off—$82.46

“A durable rope for gym climbs”—BC

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