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Six Pro Climbers with Sick Home Walls

For many of us, gyms and crags are wholly off limits until this corona shindig is over. While our economy and healthcare system are taking unprecedented hits, climbers worldwide are left looking for  outlets. After kitchen counters have been sent, the next step is to order holds and build home walls. We’ve compiled this here list for some inspiration. 

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Who needs a gym membership when your home wall is as big as a gym? Sierra Blair-Coyle’s dojo has 1,000 square feet of climbing. She has a vertical, slab and overhung wall, each about 16 feet tall, as well as a moonboard.

True to her usual nail polish color, Sasha Digiulian’s home wall is brutally pink. Like really, really pink. Digiulian has a campus, Kilter, and Tension board. She will soon be installing a treadwall, hangboard section and Moon Climbing holds.

Stefano Ghisolfi’s home wall is not particularly big, but his spray wall is impressive. It’s a more practical example for those looking to get the most out of a small space—lots of holds and a few key pieces of training equipment. In addition to his wall, Ghisolfi has a PowerBox on his deck. 

Patxi Usobiaga also has a sick spray wall, replete with small biters, pinches and other not jugs. Usobiaga also has a campus board and weights. 

Adam Ondra’s home wall is in a sizable square-shaped room. All four walls are covered with holds. On this circuit, Ondra estimates that three laps is a 5.15a/b.

It’s funny, Brooke Raboutou keeps posting vids of her climbing around kitchen counters and stair banisters, but her home gym is not lacking in climbing terrain. She has a relatively big wall for circuits, as well as the rung set-up shown here. Vids of her home wall can be found on USA Climbing.

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