Training and Exercise Tips

Staying Climbing Fit While Staying at Home

Over the last few weeks, the quarantine has taken a toll on our exercise regimens. With all the gyms closed, it’s easy to say you can’t train. Lack of equipment can make it difficult to find motivation to work out. Without Moon, Tension, system, and campus boards, your training has to be a little bit more creative. Luckily your house is filled with different items you can use to stay in shape.

For example, there are plenty of things laying around which you can use for weighted pull-ups, like a box of Red Bull.

You could also make all your friends jealous by showing off your toilet paper stash…

If you can’t find those around the house, you can always just use a mini fridge.

Not everyone has access to a hang-board or pull-up bar to train on during isolation, but there are plenty of things to hang on without one. If your house has a door, you’re in luck! There’s a perfect crimp trainer just waiting for you.

The kitchen is chock full of great exercise equipment just waiting to be used to their full potential. You might have thought that cutting boards were only for dicing vegetables, but that is just one of their many uses. For example, they make great push up blocks.

Now, while cooped up inside, it can be easy to forget to get the proper amount of aerobic exercise. Cardio is vital in maintaining good health, but a good workout is hard to come by while stuck indoors. Luckily no expensive treadmill is needed as long as you have some dish soap!

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