Thursday Steals: All the Bouldering Gear You Need, Up to 50% Off!

Rock and Approach Shoes

Butora Narsha Tight Fit Climbing Shoe,  25% Off—$134.25

“An aggressive shoe for bouldering and gym climbing”—BC

Evolv Cruzer Classic Approach Shoe Men’s, 20% Off—$59.95

“An approach shoe for quick hikes to the crag and everyday wear”—BC

Scarpa Booster S Climbing Shoe, 25% Off—$142.46

“Aggressive climbing shoe designed for anything overhung”—BC

Ocun Oxi Lady Climbing Shoe, 45% Off—$76.97

“Sensitive climbing shoe for performance bouldering”—BC

So Ill Holds Free Range Climbing Shoe, 20% Off—$119.16

“So Ill’s most aggressive climbing shoe for plastic pullers”—BC

Arc’teryx Acrux SL Leather Approach Shoe Women’s, 35% Off—$117.0

“A collision of technical performance and premium design”—BC

Scarpa Origin Climbing Shoe, 25% Off—$71.21

“Suede leather upper”—BC

Red Chili Voltage Climbing Shoe, 50% Off—$79.98

“Crank up the climbing grades with this aggressive shoe”—BC

Chalk Accessories

Mammut Stitch Boulder Chalk Bag, 25% Off—$26.21

“Small chalk bucket with embroidery tools for more fun while climbing”—BC

Mad Rock Koala Chalk Bag, 25% 0ff—$11.21

Available in three colors

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