Thursday Steals: Training Gear

Hang Boards

Metolius Simulator 3D Training Board—$78.95

“Get a quick pump at home with this training board”—BC

Backcountry x So iLL All Chalk No Action Hangboard—$114.95

“Hangboard built by Backcountry and So Ill for climbing training”—BC

Metolius Wood Grips Deluxe II Training Board—$99.95

“Deluxe wooden hangboard for skin-friendly climbing training”—BC

Metolius Foundry Training Board—$68.95

“Various holds, including tapered pinches”—BC

Trango Rock Prodigy Forge—$129.95

“Dedicated closed-crimp grip with thumb support”—BC

Metolius Campus Rung 5-Pack—$51.95 – $55.95

“Five campus rungs ideal for climbing training”—BC

Metolius Campus Rung Jumbo Kit – 6 Pack—$59.95

“Six campus rungs ideal for climbing training”—BC


So Ill Holds Strength Trainer – 3-Pack—$20.00

“3-pack of Strength Trainers for climbers working out fingers”—BC

Metolius Hand Repair Balm—$5.95

“Hand balm specifically formulated for rock climbers”—BC

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