Gym Spotlight

Tokyo’s Fairytale Climbing Gym

That the Illoiha fitness club is located in Omotesando, Tokyo makes sense: Omotesando is known for showcasing luxury goods. And now, tucked alongside Louis Vuitton and Dior, Illoiha is the world’s first fashion-focused gym that screams “No dirt bags allowed!” Climbing is no longer just a sport for the rugged.

Illoiha’s goal is to showcase the beauty of climbing by changing the terrain. You won’t find any traditional holds in this gym. Instead, members pull on whimsical pieces of furniture that entice everyone’s inner-child. From paisley-patterned picture frames to curvy shelves to wall-mounted bird houses, there’s plenty of household goods for the grabbin’. Don’t worry, your mother will never know! 

Photos by Daici Ano

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