What People Think Climbing Is

The general public has its conjectures about indoor climbing—namely that it’s only speed climbing and any indoor crusher should henceforth be referred to as Spiderman (or woman). The gen pop has interesting ideas about what outdoor climbing is as well. Some of those generalizations have been depicted below, with commentary. 

“I don’t always free solo, but when I do, I prefer unclimbed towers at dawn in solitude with eagles.”
“Don’t worry, Sean, I’ve got a solid stance. There’s no way you could pull me off. Just give me your hand.”
Who knew there was basalt among the limestone towers of China’s Yangshuo Valley? Nobody.
Forgot the belay device? No worries, you can just hold the rope in your hands.
“Haha, Jerry. Lol. I got you. This is what you get for wearing jeans.”
For those times when you are four feet off the ground and three cams just isn’t enough.
“Yep, I double checked, and for sure the ropes reach the ground.”

All photos by iStock. Photos are for illustrative purposes only. 

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