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When Will Gyms Reopen in Your State?

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Editors note: Much of this information was sourced from the


Governor of Alabama Kay Ivey has reduced their stay-at-home order to a safer-at-home approach as of April 30. Establishments that have since reopened include: beaches, gyms, retail stores, restaurant dining (including bars and breweries) and salons. A few climbing gyms have opened with limited capacity.


Alaska officially reopened on April 24 under the discretion of Governor Mike Dunleavy. With only 355 confirmed cases, Alaska is one of the lowest risk states and was one of the first to reopen. Restaurant dining, bars, retail stores, personal care services, gyms pools and entertainment establishments have reopened. Climbing facilities have reopened.


Arizona’s stay-at-home order expired May 15. Retail stores, personal care, restaurant dining and gyms (including some climbing gyms) have opened. 


Arkansas didn’t have a stay-at-home order, however Governor Asa Hutchinson enacted a phased reopening that began May 6. Campgrounds, gyms, restaurant dining, beauty services and entertainment establishments have been allowed to reopen. Several climbing gyms have since opened their doors.


California has not set a date for reopening. Some counties may be able to open gyms in the coming weeks, while others will likely have to wait until late June or July. For now, retail stores, offices, pet groomers, salons and houses of worship are open and restaurant dining in some counties.


Jared Polis, Governor of Colorado, has called for the state to reopen as of April 27, however many counties extended their stay-at-home orders through May 16. Crags and public lands in open counties are likewise open. Offices, retail and beauty stores have opened in a limited capacity. Several climbing gyms were allowed to open June 1, however people are expected to maintain 60-65% social distancing.


Connecticut’s stay-at-home order expired May 20. Restaurants have opened for outdoor dining and retail stores, entertainment establishments, offices and beaches have reopened. Gov. Ned Lamont’s phase two of reopening should begin June 17 and will allow gyms to reopen.


Delaware reopened most businesses by June 1. Retail sores are open for curbside pickup and appointment; hair salons, farmers markets and beaches are also open. Gyms may open at 30% capacity.

District of Columbia

Washington D.C.’s stay-at-home restrictions mostly lifted May 29.


Florida proceeded with reopening the state on May 4. Since then, nearly all establishments have opened in phases, including climbing gyms, trails and beaches.


Governor Brian Kemp began the process of reopening on April 24. Georgia saw some of the first reopenings of climbing gyms in the nation last Friday, the first of which being Treadstone Climbing in Columbus. Gym Climber spoke to the owner of Treadstone, who says that their reopening has been quite successful.


Although originally planned for April 30, the Governor of Hawaii, David Ige, extended the stay-at-home order through May 31. Nearly all the state’s reported cases were on Oahu. Beaches and state parks are open as well as campgrounds and gyms in selected areas. Other establishments like retails stores, personal care businesses, offices, restaurants and houses of worship are also open.


Idaho’s “order to self-isolate” expired on April 30, and houses of worship were allowed to reopen. In the second phase, restaurants, gyms and salons were allowed to reopen. A few climbing gyms have since reopened.


Illinois has joined a pact to reopen with several other midwestern states—Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Minnesota, Indiana, and Kentucky. Some restrictions have been lifted as of May 1, but the stay-at-home order set by Governor J.B. Pritzker was extended until May 29. For now, state parks and retails stores for curbside pickup are open. Climbing gyms in some areas will reopen soon.


Indiana’s stay-at-home orders expired on May 4. Retail, beauty stores, libraries, offices restaurant dining and houses of worship have reopened. Gyms and campgrounds in most counties have also reopened. Hoosier Heights Bloomington reopened for members-only on June 1.


The Governor of Iowa, Kim Reynolds, never officially put the state under a stay-at-home order—instead, Iowa was in a “State of Public Health Disaster.” Restaurants and gyms were required to close from March 17 through April 30. Starting May 1, Reynolds allowed the reopening process to begin. Climbing gyms in some counties have since reopened. Campgrounds have also reopened.


The stay-at-home order in Kansas expired on May 3, which allowed the reopening of most businesses. Close proximity businesses such as movie theaters and climbing gyms were allowed to reopen beginning May 18. Some climbing gyms have reopened. 


Kentucky has one of the more unique reopening plans, set in four stages. The first, beginning May 11, allowed car dealerships, dog grooming, and horse racing without fans to open. The second, May 20, allowed retail and houses of worship to reopen. In the third, on May 25, barbershops and cosmetology businesses reopened. The fourth, restaurants, daycares, and gyms, is yet to have an official date, likely taking place sometime in June.


The stay-at-home order in Louisiana expired on May 15. Restaurants are open for outdoor dining and retails stores are open. Among other businesses and facilities, gyms and state parks, have been allowed to reopen. A few climbing gyms are open.


Maine’s stay-at-home order is set to expire May 31. Retail and beauty services as well as outdoor recreation spaces have reopened. Gyms in most counties will reopen soon.


Maryland was one of the first states to begin reopening, having started the process on April 24. Retail stores, manufacturing industries, houses of worship, salons and campgrounds have reopened in most counties. Gyms will likely reopen in phase three, however the exact date is still to be determined. 


The stay-at-home order expired on May 18. Golf courses, houses of worship and construction/manufacturing industries have reopened. Beaches and parks will open soon but gyms will come later.


On April 24, Michigan transitioned to a more relaxed stay-at-home order, through May 28, which permits some outdoor activities. Some businesses, such as bike repair shops and plant nurseries, have also reopened. Retail stores will open statewide soon. Restaurants and offices in some counties will be allowed to reopen soon; gyms will come later. 


Governor Tim Walz began to reopen Minnesota on April 27, however the stay-at-home order didn’t expire until May 17. Industrial and manufacturing businesses have reopened and retail stores are open. Gyms will reopen soon.


On April 27, Governor Tate Reeves decided to transition from a stay-at-home order to shelter-in-place. Retail, some beauty stores, restaurant dining, state parks and gyms have reopened, but climbing gyms are still currently closed.


Missouri’s stay-at-home order expired May 3. Beginning on May 4, restaurant dining, retail and beauty stores as well as gyms were allowed to reopen. Patrons, however, must remain six feet apart. 


Governor Steve Bullock’s stay at home oder expired on April 26. Houses of worship reopened on April 26 and retail stores the following day. Restaurants and bars reopened May 4, and some schools are projected to reopen. Climbing gyms have also reopened.


There was never an official stay-at-home order issued in Nebraska, however most businesses closed. On May 4, restaurants were allowed to seat customers inside. Although it varies between counties, for most of the state, climbing gyms will not be permitted to reopen for some time. Some gyms are planning on being closed until July.


Nevada’s stay-at-home expired on May 9. Most businesses have opened with restrictions, including gyms.

New Hampshire:

New Hampshire’s stay-at-home order has been extended until June 15. Retail stores, personal care services and golf course and restaurants are, however, open. Climbing gyms will open in a later phase. 

New Jersey:

New Jersey’s stay-at-home order does not have an expiration date. Golf courses, beaches, construction industries and retail stores are open.

New Mexico:

On April 30, restrictions were eased, allowing retail businesses to offer curbside pickup. State parks, personal care services, retail stores, offices and houses of worship have reopened. Some climbing gyms have reopened with restrictions in place.

New York:

New York began reopening May 15. On March 22, Governor Andrew Cuomo put into effect his “New York State on PAUSE” plan, which is similar to a safer-at-home order. Reopening the state will start in the north and work down, however there is no official timeline for this effort. New York City, one of the hardest hit cities in the world, will not be reopening in the near future, and there is no set date. Climbing gyms upstate may begin to open later in May, but gyms near the city are unlikely to open until into the summer.

North Carolina:

Governor Roy Cooper extended the state’s stay-at-home order from April 29 through May 22. Retails stores, restaurants, salons and some places of outdoor recreation have reopened. Climbing gyms in some counties may be reopening soon.

North Dakota:

As of May 1, nearly all businesses were allowed to reopen. The spread of the coronavirus through the state has been minimal and stands at a low-risk factor. The only climbing gyms in the state are either in universities or YMCAs, some of which are gradually opening, including a YMCA in Minot. 


Ohio will remain under stay-at-home orders until May 29. Construction and manufacturing companies resumed work on May 4 and retail stores on the 12. Campgrounds have reopened and gyms have also been allowed to reopen.


Governor Mike Stitt began his plan to reopen the state last Friday, April 24, initially with small retail stores and hair salons. As of May 1, larger businesses such as climbing gyms have been allowed to reopen. State parks are also open.


Oregon’s stay-at-home order does not have an expiration date, however state parks and gyms in some counties are currently open. Other establishments, including retails stores, restaurant dining and personal care services have reopened. 


Pennsylvania’s stay-at-home order will expire June 4. The state will reopen in three phases and county by county, starting with northwestern and central zones. Gyms will remain closed until the final “green” stage of reopening. Some privately owned campgrounds, however, are currently open.

Puerto Rico:

Puerto Rico’s stay-at-home curfew will expire June 15.

Rhode Island:

Governor Gina Raimondo’s stay-at-home order expired May 8. Retail stores, restaurants, offices, beauty services, state parks and climbing gyms are open.

South Carolina:

South Carolina was among the first to begin restarting their economy, with the reopening of retail stores on April 20. Beaches, outdoor venues and gyms have been opened for recreation. Several climbing gyms have reopened. 

South Dakota:

South Dakota never went under an official stay-at-home order, however most businesses temporarily closed. According to The New York Times, Governor Kristi Noem said the loose approach “put the power of decision-making in the hands of the people—where it belongs.” One climbing gym, High Mountain Climbing Gym, has not survived the closures and has since permanently closed its doors.


Tennessee’s stay at home order expired on April 30. Higher risk establishments such as salons and climbing gyms reopened in most counties on May 1. State parks are also open.


The stay-at-home order in Texas expired on April 30. Many counties, however, extended the order out to May 20, including in Austin and Houston. Gyms and salons opened as part of the second wave, which began May 18. Several climbing gyms have since reopened. State parks are also open.


Although Utah never officially went under a stay-at-home order, restrictions on businesses were put in place. Stores and restaurants were allowed to open on May 1 and dine-in services were permitted at that time. Climbing gyms have also been given the green light and several are making plans to reopen, including The Front Climbing Club, which opened in a limited capacity May 15.


Governor Phil Scott’s “Stay Safe, Stay Home” order expired May 15.  Industries like construction, manufacturing, retail stores and state parks have reopened, however gyms will be included in later phases. 


Virginia will likely be the last state to reopen, as their Governor Ralph Northam has set their stay-at-home order to expire June 10. He plans to reopen the state in phases using his “Forward Virginia” plan. Virginia has seen a steady increase in coronavirus cases over the past month, and it is likely to continue increasing. Among other businesses, some fitness facilities are open, however climbing gyms are still closed.


Governor Jay Inslee extended the stay-at-home order to May 31. Reopening have occurred county by county. For the most part, construction industries, retail stores, restaurants and state parks have been allowed to reopen. Fitness facilities (including climbing gyms) in some counties have reopened.

West Virginia:

Governor Jim Justice lifted the stay-at-home order on May 4 and replaced it with a safer-at-home order. Restaurants are open for outdoor dining and retail and beauty services are open. Several climbing gyms have also recently reopened. 


Wisconsin’s stay-at-home order was set to end May 26, however it was struck down May 13. Governor Tony Evers allowed some specific retail stores to begin curbside pickup on April 24, but the majority of businesses have remain closed. Wisconsin has seen dramatic upticks in coronavirus cases, with no sign of plateauing or declining. Evers has yet to announce an official timeline for reopening, however it is unlikely that climbing gyms will open until the summer. State parks are, however, open, along with with pet groomers.


Although Wyoming was never placed under a stay-at-home order, Governor Mark Gordon did issue several Public Health Orders on May 1. Gyms, state parks, retail and beauty services are open. Several climbing gyms are open.

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